We have partnered with one of the leading players in the equity broking space in India and offers broking services to the retail as well as institutional segments. These services are supported by a strong in-house research team, guidance from experts, latest market news and analysis and the most powerful trading platforms to ensure you have the power to build your strategy the way you want. We offer broking services for equity trading and mutual funds. It enables you to trade online, with the flexibility of using either a desktop application or a Web application.


How much more profitable could your business be if you had the time to focus on the actual business instead of handling a range of administrative tasks?

Viraj Finserv offers you options for better management of your accounting and bookkeeping functions. While bookkeeping takes care of the financial transactions of your business, accounting ensures that reporting, classifying, analysing, and interpretation of financial data is carried out correctly.

Leverage the advanced technical expertise of our team members to help you realize increased profitability through efficiency gains and robust accounting and bookkeeping solutions which allow you to minimize the time you spend on these functions. All other matters like financial planning, fund raising, audit, tax compliance etc. depends on proper accounting only. We offer customized, scalable, cost-effective and safe accounting solutions.


Taxes and Duties are integral part of business; you need to pay them correctly and on timely manner to grow your business uninterrupted. We at Viraj Finserv, have an experienced and expert team to handle the Taxes & Duties like, GST, Income Tax, TDS, Professional Tax etc.

We offer a host of services including preparing and e-filing your taxes, tax planning & savings, Maintenance of Income Tax Records, liaisoning with tax authorities, refund assistance, PAN application, tax deduction account numbers etc. to ensure that you are compliant with the regulations.

We manage all your GST compliance needs for your business including registrations, returns, advice and latest updates on GST. We customize the appropriate approach for each of our clients to make the implementation simple and with good compliance.

We are one of the leading consultants, providing services in Company Law Matters. Our services are customized in accordance to your specific requirements. We assist you from the very initial processes of company establishment to company maintenance. We help you to be compliant with business laws so that you can focus on business without any worry.


We offer you with specialized insurance solutions to manage risks efficiently. We serve as your risk management advisor and partnered with one of the leading Insurance provider who offers best and simplest insurance plans.

We provide you trusted and reliable risk mitigation products including life insurance, term insurance, health insurance, vehicle insurance etc. at low cost premiums. We are backed up by a comprehensive support structure to service customer administration and settlements. Excellence in supporting your needs is central to our business philosophy which invests in enduring long-term trusting relationships.


At Viraj Finserv, we offer a wide range of financing services like loans from Banks, NBFC and other financers together with virtually every form of associated services like consultancy, documentation, business plan, feasibility studies and more that are dedicatedly suited to meet every customer’s needs. Our expertise lies in creating that complete financing package along with superior services specially worked out for every entrepreneur’s individual needs and size.

We also undertake ASC (Annual Service Contract) for maintaining, preparing and submitting all the information related to & like:
• Preparation of Monthly & Quarterly statements like Stock Statement, FFR (Financial Follow-up Report) / QIS (Quarterly Information System).
• Renewal of Working Capital limits.
• Alteration, modification, enhancement of limits.
• Query reply & preparation of reports for External Rating, Stock Audit, Bank Inspection & any other observations made by Bank.
• Routine & any other consulting required related to Bank Finance.
• Interest Subsidy claim.

We don’t just create financial solutions, we create lasting relationships with our clients. A healthy customer-enterprise relationship comes with being involved with our clients and keeping them updated with the regular developments to achieve their goals.


We are highly experienced in subsidy consultancy and conversant with state and central government regulations and legislation. The service offered by us in subsidy programs range from preparation and submission of the investment plan to monitoring by the adoption and project management for smooth implementation. We strive to support our clients in the grant application process to ensure maximum benefit and long-term effect for the development of their business.

In the environment of increased market competition for the adoption of the structural funds, the better informed and prepared will be privileged.
We strive to stay relevant with a market-based approach to drive solutions that address our Customer’s needs and enhance their ease of operations/use.

All our services are fee based services only.